I was working at wedding (as usual) when I have received a strange mail: Congratulations on winning for 29th Wedisson Collection!

You can’t imagine my face, I was so happy that could not to stop to smile in front of guests!

I have loved this picture from the very first moment, it has been taken at one of most complicated wedding I have done.

It was a raining day, bride was very unhappy for that, she thought that we never could have done a good job.

I tried to explain her that rain has its own charme and that it often creates unbelievable skies so, although the dress was completely full of water and we heard thundering in the distance, we decided to go on the beach to take some and after a while… Magic! We have seen a rainbow in the sky!

Bride started to laugh, to embrace the groom and to jump.

She changed completely mood and started to smile and to dance in the rain. For me it has been a very exciting moment.

For all these reasons has been a great satisfaction to receive this award, it repays a very big intensive working day.

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