Several times couples say to me, ok I like your work so much but… it’s too expensive, we are searching for a cheapest photographer!

All know that wedding is very expensive but after many years of work and a lot of (bad) experiences listened by friends and clients, I have to say to you that the photographic service is the only thing that will remain to you of your wedding day, then the photographer not is a vendor on which to skimp!

Think to those couples that after so much time spent to organize, to search for the perfect detail never can be relive that day in photos.

The most incredible thing that happened to me last year regards a couple that asked to edit all their wedding photos from a low quality jpeg (a kind of files that can’t be edited with a good result) because they didn’t have original files in high resolution and their photographer was disappeared!

So I decided to write this article to explain why a cheap photographer is a trap and to invite you to consider all the ghost job (and skills) beyond my work.

Choosing the photographer the first questions you must to do should be: “I like Giuliana’s shots but I’d like to stay with Giuliana for all day? I like her? I feel comfortable with her? She inspired me?”

This is the base on which to establish a cooperation at your wedding day because: I will stay with you all the day, I will come in your intimacy and I will interact with your families. You must to feel comfortable with me.


And what about the trust? You have to trust in me to be calm the day of the wedding and all the days after! Yes, because too much often people forget that my work don’t end with cutting the cake.

I must to save your pics, select them, edit a selection and care your packing to give you a perfect result. I am a professional and I need good feedbacks to improve my job, so I really care your satisfaction.

– and in fact the second question should be: “Ok I don’t know her… Can I trust in her?”

Please don’t trust in me, trust in the opinions of my clients. Nothing is more important than a feedback from someone that already have had your same experience and maybe your same doubts.

Trust is fundamental in the way I work because I must to establish a connection with you to let emerge your feelings in front of the camera. If you trust in me I’m feeling free to create something of artistic but candid at same time.


And, last but not least, the value of importance of ability to capture the perfect timing.

For me is the basis of my work!

The tiers in your partners’ eyes, the emotion of your partner at the altar, the happiness of the guests and every single detail that you have though never come back after that day.

Perfect time capturing requests attention, experience, knowledge and talent and is not for everyone.

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