Since a decade the concept of photojournalism has been applied to wedding photography. No poses, no pre-packaged pictures, but is that what is actually sold by photographers and is what do you really want?

We need to open a reflection on what is expected, couple and photographer.

Let’s start by the couple.
There are spouses who have no clue as to what “wedding reportage” means, believe that the figure of the photographer is unequivocally invasive and impudent, so they think a reporter is discreet and invisible. True, but the reporter can not collect traditional photos with parents, like pics embraced in front of the fireplace. He will only tell you the day and if you are taken by the other and you do not have in mind to talk with mom or dad, you will miss the photos that you might be fond of.
So “naked and raw” reportage can be fine if you do not have more traditional pretensions but you just want that the photograph tells what’s happening during the day.
I think that “in medium stat virtus” for which, aside the poses that I sincerely love if I set up a set but I find out of context in the ceremony, what I call recollection (eg with parents or witnesses in church) are often less static than they can imagine and are a great gift to relatives who might feel set aside by a refusal to “do a photo together?”

Let’s finish with the photographer.
Even for us to understand what spouse are looking for is not so simple sometimes, often in the sea of ​​deals, customers get confused because they have seen so much and a lot different about, from who might be abusing the word “reportage” just to make advertising by exploiting the trend of the moment too.
The advice I give to the married is always to talk to me, to expose doubts and perplexity because it is crucial that a relationship of trust be established between us: you have to trust who is over the camera, in whom can see beyond yourself to create something new with elements that are almost invisible to you, because shots represent your mood and if you are relaxed and confident they will be wonderful.
Wedding photos are what will remind you of the moments of the day, choosing the photographer with whom you feel tuned is fundamental because after many months spent in the preparations that day flies away and it is right that you enjoy each and every moment in serenity.

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