Kristina and Christian wedding day has really been like a fairy tale.

The magnificent location of Castello Chiola, a typical Italian castle of the medieval period located in the beautiful Abruzzo, was the right frame to an incredible event.

Castello Chiola dates back to 864 A.D. and rises majestically on the top of a hill above the ancient village of Loreto Aprutino, a site the Romans chose as the seat of the god who loved to surround himself with laurel: Apollo, the god of light and beauty. The ancient castle, once a guard tower of the Longobardi and advance outpost of Federico II’s empire, became the residence of noble families as early as the 13th century and remained so, passing from the families of D’Aquino, Gamba, Casamarte, D’Avalos and since 1870 until today, to the Chiola family.

A long journey for this couple who has gone beyond the different traditions and cultures to crown their dream of love here in Italy.