Let’s start from an assumption: to describe in words the wedding day of Ivana and Agostino will never be able to do justice to such an exciting day. We have been infected by their positivity and by looking at the images I realize that I have spent most of the hours in their company with the smile on my face.
The ceremony held in one of the cathedrals symbol of the Pugliese Romanesque: Santa Maria Assunta in Giovinazzo. It symbolizes the eclecticism of our artistic culture as it is characterized by a typical medieval architectural structure and an interior redone in Baroque style in the mid 1700s.
From the steps out of the entrance you can enjoy the sea and the warm sunset sun of Giovinazzo that make this church a true pearl of Puglia.
After a short walk in the port adjacent to the seafront we went to Tenuta Pinto, a wonderful farm nestled in the countryside of mola di Bari. Here we allowed ourselves a walk among olive trees and vineyards already loaded with grapes, waiting for the sun to fall behind our shoulders.
At dusk we reached the venue where a fantastic musical trio, the Tribemolle, accompanied the newlyweds to the waiting guests officially opening the party! Ivana and Agostino were exquisite guests giving life to a party that involved and excited everyone (including us)!